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LH Agency™ (Lighthouse, OOO and ArtMedia, OOO) is one of Russia’s oldest advertising agencies. We use state-of-the-art technology to promote a diverse range of products and services. We are industry leaders in interactive marketing and point of sale promotions.

With a reputation as a creative, reliable and versatile partner, we have worked on many well-known brands. Since 2006, our primary focus has been our projects with international IT companies operating within the CIS market – including Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and, of course, Russia. We also collaborate with renowned creative agencies in Britain and the Netherlands, and a number of manufacturers in South-East Asia and Russia.

A full range of printed products – including wide format materials – are produced at our own manufacturing base.

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Great design is always vital – whether it’s for an interactive promotion, point of sale materials or any other marketing endeavour. We love to get creative, and as an agency we have extensive experience at conceiving effective campaigns. We also adapt global advertisements for the CIS market.

Many of our projects have featured at Russian and international advertising festivals, scoring highly with the experts, and, most importantly of all, with our clients and their customers.

Digital Marketing

Due to the constant evolution of technology and customer habits, we pay special attention to digital marketing services. Our expertise covers website design and development, mobile sites and apps, search engine marketing, internet advertising/marketing and e-business/e-commerce consulting. Thanks to this exhaustive range of services, the department has grown rapidly. We have developed and driven many web campaigns, including specialised promos for web and mobile applications and websites, as well as rich media and banner campaigns.

Interactive Communications

The marketing around mobile apps has been of special interest recently. Consumers enjoy being able to interact, perhaps by signing up to loyalty schemes or by competing with fellow users of the app in question. Our experience shows that people are more likely to participate in virtual schemes which are linked to the regular use of a physical product.

Without doubt, online networking and consumer interaction is set to have growing importance in every brand's communication and marketing strategy.

Point of Sale

However good your product, the setting will have a profound influence on the customer’s decision to buy – a truth recognised by all major manufacturers.

In six years of working in this field, we have run more than 50 major campaigns for corporates such as Nokia, Adidas, Euroset and Svyaznoy. Our work has appeared in 250 stores across the CIS.

We develop and produce point of sale features such as display stands, as well as window dressing to enhance advertising and promo campaigns.

We are proud of our partnerships with well-known creative agencies, such as FITCH and Inferno in London and UXUS in Amsterdam.

We collaborated with UXUS to promote Nokia’s 8800 Sapphire line, and it was acknowledged to be one of the most successful retail product launches that year.

Promotional Materials

Despite ever evolving opportunities within social media and digital marketing, sometimes the old ways are still the best. We are experienced at producing and customising promotional materials. Working with the best Asian manufacturers of promotional merchandise, we are able to offer an extensive range of unique products at reasonable prices. We also have our own digital print operation, with wide format printers, enabling us to produce everything from business cards to complex booklets – complete with designer paper and manual finishing where required.


  • Nokia
  • Casio
  • Vertu
  • Brother
  • G-Shock
  • Siemens
  • ATI
  • FSC
  • Exilim